Top 10 Richest Kids In Nigeria 2024

Richest Kids In Nigeria: Nigeria is home to some truly amazing kids. These young stars are not just smart and talented; they’re also making big waves in industries like entertainment.

What’s more impressive is that they’re earning big bucks, often more than many adults in Nigeria!

Want to know who these young kids are? Let’s take a look on the updated list of the top 10 richest kids in Nigeria as of 2024.

Richest Kids In Nigeria

1. Mompha Junior

Muhammad Awal Mustapha, known as Mompha Junior, is currently the richest kid and allegedly the world’s youngest billionaire at just nine years old. He got his first house at six and now has a collection of supercars and even flies in a private jet.

His wealth comes from his father, Mohammed Lawal Mostapha, also known as Mompha, a successful millionaire businessman and CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change.

Mompha has given his son a life of financial freedom from a young age. Mompha Junior has already attracted over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

2. Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella Samuel, the second kid on our list, is a well-known child actor and comedian. She’s loved for her smart and original performances. Her talent has earned her an estimated 25 million naira. Emmanuella became famous after appearing in Mark Angel’s comedy skit “This is not my real face.” Besides acting, she’s also landed endorsement deals with brands like Fresh Yo Drinks and Dabur Herbal Toothpaste.

3. Aunty Success

Aunty Success, born on July 19, 2013, is one of Nigeria’s richest kids. She’s a veteran child actor and comedienne, famous for her roles in Mark Angel comedy skits. Success has earned a lot through her acting, production work, her popular YouTube channel with many subscribers, and various endorsement deals. Her estimated net worth is around 10 million naira.

4. Dj Young Money

Young Money is a 15 years old Dj and currently among the wealthiest kids in Nigeria. Born in 2008, he has a net worth of 12 million Naira. This are cool cash he made from his career as a DJ.

Young Money started making millions after his 2016 contract with K-Nation Entertainment ended. He’s now the in-house DJ for the label. Following in his father’s footsteps, he’s become one of the top DJs. The young boy even performed at President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s birthday party.

5. Ozzy Bosco

The fifth wealthy kid on this list is Ozzy Bosco. He began his music career at just four years old. His mom noticed his talent and passion for music early on and helped him nurture it.

Ozzy first gained fame after winning the “Nigeria Kids Got Talent” competition in Lagos. This success led him to participate in Britain’s Got Talent, earning him international recognition.

6. Ahmed Star Boy

Ahmed became popular in 2017. Thanks to Afro-pop star Wizkid. At a concert, he was singing along passionately when Wizkid noticed him and invited him on stage. Impressed by Ahmed’s rapping skills, Wizkid offered to sign him to “Star Boy Entertainment” and gave him 10 million naira. Before meeting the star, the young boy used to rap for people at malls.

7. Kiriku

Kiriku is an awarding winning Nigeria comedian who attained fame right from his childhood age due to his talents in comedy. The young boy has established a very huge fan base for himself in the country. Kiriku is no doubt one of the richest kids in Nigeria.

8. Destiny Boy

Afeez Adesina, also known as Destiny Boy, is a young Nigerian singer who gained fame with his cover of Davido’s hit song “If.” Raised in the Agege area of Lagos, he developed love for Fuji music, which greatly influenced his musical style.

Despite initial resistance from his parents due to their humble background, Destiny Boy pursued his passion for music.

As of 2024, he is on the list of top ten richest kids, with an estimated net worth of 8 million Naira. Destiny Boy is known for his pre-performance dances for famous Fuji artist Pasuma and collaborations with major music stars.

9. Marylove Edwards

Marylove Edwards is a celebrity young tennis star. She is ranked number one and known as the best African player in her age group.

Edwards began playing tennis at 4 years old. Her impressive skills led her to win the USTA Celsius Level 6 girls tournament in the U.S, earning her the nickname “Nigeria Serena.”

In 2018, she claimed victory at the CAT/ITF West and Central African Junior Championship qualifiers, defeating a competitor from Mali. Her success in tennis has earned her a spot on this list, with a net worth of 15 million naira.

10. Amarachi Uyaenne

Amarachi Uyaenne is a famous celebrity songwriter and dancer who started dancing at just 5 years old.

She’s From Imo state but raised in Delta, Amarachi won the first Nigeria’s Got Talent, bagging 10 million naira.

Her debut song “Amarachi Dance” was a hit, and her collaboration with a famous Igbo rap artist in “Oversabi” boosted her music career. Now, she runs a talent academy to train kids in music and dance. Amarachi’s net worth is currently around 20 million naira.


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