Auta MG Boy Biography, Age, Career And Net Worth

Auta MG Boy Biography: Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba Born (11th July 1993) is a famous songwriter and musician in the Hausa music industry.

His journey to fame began in 2021 with his first song, “Baba Ayi Mini Aure,” which got the public’s attention.

As a talented musician, songwriter, actor, and stage performer, Auta MG Boy has consistently released amazing Hausa music that has won him different awards and recognition in Nigeria.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba

Real Age: 28 years old

Year Of Birth: 1993

Origin: Kaduna State

Language: Hausa Tribe

Occupation: Songwriter, Actor, Stage Performer

Relationship Status: Single Not Married

Net Worth: N15 Million Naira

Auta MG Boy Biography

Early Life And Education

Auta MG Boy was Born in 1993 in Zaria, which is located in Kaduna State, He spent his early years there with his family.

The songwriter completed his primary education in Zaria, then followed by his secondary education at Government Day Secondary School in the same city.

Immediately after finishing high school, Auta MG Boy pursued further studies in Kano polytechnic, where he earned a diploma in Hausa language.


Auta MG Boy’s childhood dream of becoming a successful Hausa musician in Nigeria began in the year 2018.

Before gaining widespread recognition, he had already produced around 10 songs. However, it was in 2021 that his music career took a turn with the release of “Baba Ayi Mini Aure.

This particular song not only catapulted him to fame in Northern Nigeria but was also accepted by many hausa music fans.

Its popularity was so immense that it was frequently featured in Kannywood movies.

With more than 30 musics, Auta MG Boy keeps winning awards due to his talents in producing outstanding love songs in hausa. Below is a list of his top musics.


  • Yanzuma aka fara
  • Baba ayimin aure
  • Daga ke
  • So jani
  • Nashiga so
  • Tintibe
  • Kina zuciyata
  • Labarina
  • Zuciya
  • Maryama
  • Masoyiya
  • Dasauransu and others

Auta MG Boy’s talents is beyond songwriting alone, he’s also a prominent actor in Kannywood. He has starred in several films, sharing the screen with famous actors like Umar M Shareef, Garzali Miko, Adam A Zango, Lilin Baba, and Nura M Inuwa.

Auta MG Boy Biography

Personal Life

Auta MG Boy is currently not married. But according to the interview he had with Hadiza Gabon, the songwriter said, he is still searching for a decent young hausa girl.

Net Worth

The net worth of Auta MG Boy is N15 Million Naira. Truth be told, his career has increased his wealth and more cash are still coming in from deals, streams and endorsement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Auta MG Boy?

He is 28 years old.

Where is Auta From?

He is from Kaduna State but based in Kano due to his profession.


If you want sweet and amazing Hausa musics, then I think you should listen to Auta MG Boy Music. They are top notch and one in a million. Tell us what you like about this actor.

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