Sabinus Net Worth In Naira 2024

Sabinus is a popular Nigerian Actor and Comedian known for his hilarious skits on social media. His talent in comedy has catapulted him to fame in the country.

He is regarded as one of the best and richest skits makers in Nigeria. How much is Sabinus net in Naira? In today’s post, you will get to Know the exact wealth of Mr Funny.

Quick Facts

Real Name: Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu

Age: 28 years old

Date Of Birthday: 30 January 1995

Origin: River State

Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Businessman

Religion: Christianity

Language: Igbo

Relationship Status: Engaged

Net Worth: 350 Million Naira

Sabinus Net Worth In Naira

Early Life And Education

Oga Sabinus real name is, Emmanuel Chuwkwuemeka Ejekwu. He was born on the 30th of January 1995 in Port Harcourt, River State.

Growing up in the State alongside his siblings, Sabinus completed both his primary and secondary School education before proceeding to Study Linguistics and communication at the prestigious University of Port Harcourt.


Comedy runs in Oga Sabinus blood, he discovered his passion and talents in comedy right from his University days. His career officially started in 2015 when he was uploading some of his funny videos on different social media platforms. Sabinus facial expressions got the attention of many persons in the country.

After years of pushing and struggling with competition in the saturated comedy industry, Sabinus became more popular with millions of followers on his social media platforms.

Currently he is one of the most talked about comedians in Nigeria, he has won several awards and recognition in the country.

How Old Is Sabinus?

Born in 1995, Sabinus is 28 years old now.

Personal Life

When it comes to private life, Sabinus is one of those celebrities who doesn’t show of his love life on social media. That being said, he not married, but has a beautiful girlfriend named Mercy Inyama. The two love birds have been in a serious relationship for almost 3 years. Hopefully it will lead to marriage.

Sabinus Net Worth In Naira

Net Worth

Comedians makes huge amount of money from their profession and Sabinus is one of them, infact, he is among the wealthiest skits makers in the country. The net worth of Sabinus was estimated to be around 350 Million Naira. This are cash he makes from comedy, businesses, deals and endorsements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sabinus Married?

No, he is not yet married, but hopefully he will this year.

Did Sabinus buy a house?

Yes, he bought a brand new house worth N150 Million Naira in 2023. The new mansion was customized with his name in the swimming pool.

How many followers Sabinus have on twitter?

As of 2024, Sabinus has about 2.5 Million followers on Twitter.

Where is Mr Funny originally from?

Originally from Port Harcourt in River State.

How many followers does Sabinus have on Instagram?

Sabinus has 4.5 Million followers on Instagram making him one among the Nigerian skits makers with huge followers on Instagram.


Sabinus is no doubt talented and creative in comedy, he has established a very good name for himself in the industry. He is one of the most sought after comedians in Nigeria. If truly you want to laugh very hard, then watch Sabinus comedy videos.

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